Customer Comments
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A Selection Of Comments from Our Customers

The glasses were great on my flight to the US. All the lights were off around the family so they could sllp but I was able to keep on reading. Great quality light and lenses.

Saw the twin pack LED caps on Amazon and got a pair for the kids, they love them and will be taking them on holday next week. Great deal, thanks.

We purchased some candles for a safe but soft light in our caravan. Really happy and great service by the way. Thanks

Used the glasses on a late evening flight. Read right through, so much more effective than the overhead lighting. Will recommend.

Caps for festival - great help and a became so useful!!  Thanks, xx

Candles were great by the BBQ last night. Really added a touch of class and a real talking point.

I bought 4 caps for our weekend camping trip. The kids loved them and we all used them for the late trips to the loos. The whole family really liked them.

Used the offer to buy 2 pairs of the glasses. I leave one pair by the bed and one pair down stairs. Great quality for the money and free batteries as well. Thanks.

I used my cap for some work in the loft this weekend. Not only did it give me a great light and both hands free but also  kept the dust out of my hair. A really useful product. Will recommend.

So nice to be able to discuss and order by phone. My Mum doesn't do the internet but asked me to say thanks on her behalf. 

Thanks for your advice on the glasses. The x2 versions are perfect for me. Using for cross-stitch and reading.

Loved the candles! We have just order 2 more sets for our daughters. Great quality, swift delivery and so atmospheric!!

“Wonderful! Such a neat design you can wear by day without anyone suspecting the hidden magic, which lights up the night! Really good quality with a case and an extra set of batteries, really good value”


" These specs really are a brilliant idea. I use them at night for reading and model making. My wife uses them to read in bed so she can enjoy her book without disturbing me by having a light on, excellent.”


“I have had my glasses for nearly a month now and find them very useful. One rather unexpected application is in doing exactly what I am doing at this moment. That is working at this keyboard. My lap-top is in a dimly lit corner of the lounge but wearing these glasses, the keyboard is perfectly visible, much more so than it would be when using on of those silly USB lights.”


“Brilliant idea! I’ve been using them while doing household electrical work such as mending switches. I was able to use both hands, light up the job and see really clearly. Fantastic for doing fiddly jobs in low light situations.”


" These spectacles with switch on lighting are superb. Ideal for reading in bed and use in many other situations such as crafting and other detailed work. My husband also uses them for reading but has found them great for DIY jobs in low light situations. They are they are attractive, comfortable to wear and really good quality. In fact, they could make a very unusual and useful gift for so many people I know for lots of different uses.”


“Marvellous idea! I'm using them mainly for reading in bed but have helped with close, fiddly tasks also.”


"We are very impressed with these most attractive specs and feel that they should assist so many of us."


“These Foresight glasses are great for card making and cross stitching and other close up craft work. I get the magnification I need with really good quality light right onto the job in hand!

I also use them for reading in the evening and on planes and trains where the light provided is never where you want it.”
“I was a bit worried because I have always had prescription specs for reading (my eyes need different strengths); but I went for the average strength and seem to be managing without difficulty. 5 out of 5 for me, I love the Glitzy Pink option but there is a colour choice to suit everyone.”